Canaletto Prints

Canaletto prints are a very popular way of appreciating the stylish architecture and scenery of the Italian city of Venice, as it is his work in Italy that this painter is best remembered for. As the career of Canaletto developed he was to travel to Germany and Britain to widen the variety of his topics but the early Venetian works are undeniably his best remembered in the present day.
Most academics around the time of Canaletto’s career believed that his finest paintings came around the early periods of his career and that some of his magic was lost later on when he replaced innovation with a more regimented style that they found far less impressive. In the modern era his career is classified all together with Venetian works standing out from the rest, and offering the best choices as art prints for consumers. Many British customers choose prints from his London-based period but those from Germany remain much lesser well-known. Despite this, various cityscapes in Dresden are certainly impressive too and there are many who find his later paintings just as impressive as his earlier and do not conform to the views of the art academics of that time.
The artist used a classic style that is always best suited to framed art prints for those who desire duplications of his work. Giclee prints offer a type of technology which is generally regarded as having the most accurate and complex match of colours and so is ideal for those seeking something as close to the original as is possible.
Canaletto’s finest oil paintings included Grand Canal in Venice, Rialto Bridge, Bucintoro on Ascension Day, London Thames and Westminster Bridge in London plus various Canaletto sketches. The artist had a natural talent for pencil drawing which was of great benefit when planning his complicated paintings which featured great detail across huge canvases which can still be seen in person at their various locations across Europe and North America.
In conclusion, Italian art has a wealth of great artists worth studying but few represented the classic city of Venice better than Antonio Canaletto who produced a series of charming illustrations of normal life within it’s most beautiful parts. As Venice continues to attract tourists from all over the world it is likely that Canaletto’s paintings will continue to be popular choices as print reproductions for those who want to enjoy his classic work in their own homes.

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