How A Bandana’s Design And Pattern Became A Trend Today

You will notice that a lot of individuals are wearing a bandana and this is not just a part of their outfit or fashion style because there are people who are used to wearing it just because they are used to its versatility. Even before this cloth was introduced as an accessory to one’s fashion, it was already known and purposely used every day to cover someone’s head or neck and tied on other parts of the body like waist, wrist, leg, and foot. Therefore, it only shows that this piece of fabric is not just intended for styling or accessory.

Let’s say that there are countless ways to use this fabric and every individual who wears one has his way to put it on. However, what’s fascinating here is the fact that it comes in the same sizes, patterns, and designs, though it differs in color. So if you are a fan or a collector of bandana or kerchief, then you will surely want to have different colors and by this time, you may already have a dozen or two pieces.

You may try checking collections online like the Style Vanity and you can find there how trendy it is because of its fashionable look and design. Since kerchief entered in western civilization, it has become more versatile even if it is just made to be light and soft. No wonder why some individuals are collecting different designs and patterns in various colors as well, regardless of how they want to wear their bandanas.

Patterns and Printing Methods

You can indeed find a kerchief in altered colors. But the patterns or designs were printed in various methods.

One of the methods used is through discharge printing where the dyed fabric is treated with agents like chlorine to bleach a pattern onto the fabric. The other method used is screen printing which uses a mesh stencil on a large screen so that it can transfer ink onto the piece of cloth. We also have the resist dyeing where you are going to treat the fabric with a solution before dipping into the dye to form a sequence.


You will notice that there is a popular design of a kerchief all over the word. This is the paisley or boteh, which originated from the Kashmir region that once belongs to the empire of Persia. It is a feather pattern that is curved and is originally a pinecone from India – read from for more information.

Paisley may mean herb, bush, shrub, or bramble. You should know that this Art has been existing for more than two thousand years now.

It was first imported from India to Europe in the 18th century. These expensive pieces of cloth were used as a shawl, so it symbolizes luxury. Due to demand and increased price, businessmen started producing it in Europe.

Hanky Code

The homosexuals also used kerchief to represent the status of their relationship as well as an individual’s sexual fetish. This is popular in the gay and mainstream communities.

So if they are going to social gatherings, then they will wear a bandana for other people to know what activities they would like to engage in.  I guess this is a good way for others to decide if they will talk or come near you, especially when you are alone.


During the old times in the West, wearing bandanas means that you are associated with crimes. This means that when you see someone covering his face with this piece of cloth, you are an outcast in society. This connotation exists in the past.

However, they use this today to cover their face because it can protect them from dust. That’s why you can find a lot of riders with this one, especially those who don’t put on a mask. Anyway, not all of them today are criminals because it is already a part of someone’s outfit when walking or wandering outside the city.


The use of bandana is also known in various associations or gangs from different countries. Members usually wear one to represent and identify their affiliation. Click here to learn how they are identified.

They used black, blue, red, gray, yellow, and white colors. The members often wore it on their heads or it could also be hanging on the left or right pocket of their pants to show significance.

In the 1970s, the Crisp gang was the first to wear a kerchief as a sign of their affiliation. They have a blue color so their rivals, who were members of the Bloods gang were wearing red at that time. Anyway, that is also for identification purposes.

Rock Fan Colors

It also came to the point where fans have started wearing a kerchief to be identified. That was already the 1980’s when people began representing artists or bands through different colors of a bandana.

For example, colored fabrics were used to represent band logos like the Pink Floyd as well as Def Leppard. And then, they simply tie it around their forehead or neck.