How to Improve Metal Sculpture

Metal sculptures have become extensively popularized as lately. Let it be an abstract bronze idol, a wrought iron paper weight or fancy modern infrastructural decor; people always seem to get drawn to this. A skillfully and artistically done metal sculpture can prove to be quite an innovative piece and would still retain its practical value, the reason metal being imperishable commodity, if carefully maintained.
However, the only hurdle while initiating on metal sculpture is the fact that working with metals could tedious task. Making this is not a child’s play and definitely not something a beginner should be experimenting on. The prime hazard of working with this is that metals have to be exposed to extreme levels temperatures as most metals are malleable, which means they have to be softened in order to mould and sculpt them to desired form; which is indeed a very risky duty for a sculptor except if he or she takes appropriate safety measures.
In order to avoid possible when you are working with metal and to render an attractive touch to your project, follow the tips ahead.
Ensure that you are well equipped with proper protective gear before working on torches, every time you start with a new metal sculpture. Although, it may seem like an obviously understood applied truth but you’d be surprised to see how some people manage to work without the full safety gear. A full set of safety gear comprises mainly of a pair of glasses, gloves and fire-proof suit.
If you look forward to make an interesting sculpture you must first learn the basics of welding safely. You can consider the option to take up a welding class for practicing safe and proper techniques of welding and soldering before you start making a metal sculpture. Welding plays a significant role as a skill helping one make great metal sculpture.
Another important thing to check on is a welder’s chalk; never run out of it. It is made up of a specific type of material which enables it to write on any kind of metals. It is advisable not to draw free hand as the measures need to be perfectly accurate. This may be time-consuming act but one can take his/her own time to draw as a single wrong move with your torch/soldering iron and you could have to start afresh with your metal sculpture using a totally new piece of metal. Thus, it is a very efficient tool that saves both your time and money.
A metal wheel grinder is yet another important tool that allows you cut through metal quickly and smoothly- after the first cut, your design tends to have a few rough edges and un-detailed spots. Hence, it is better to use a metal wheel grinder rather than wasting your time and energy on sand-papers and other abrasives. It also gives a fantastic edge to your metal sculpture.
Just follow these simple tips and you will surely be astonished by the result!

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