Paint – The Most Versatile Interior Decorating Tool

Painting is one of the most affordable and effective things you can do to give your home a face lift. You may be thinking of white or cream colored walls, which can be a little bland. If you aren’t familiar with all of the things you can do with paint today, you need this little refresher course! You can literally transform the look of your home, and it’s really easy.
Wall stenciling, faux painting and rubber stamping are three examples of what can be accomplished with a little paint. In this article, we will explain a little about each method and how it works to freshen up the atmosphere in your home.
Wall stenciling
Wall stenciling is super easy and adds incredible texture to the room. With stenciling, simply paint the entire wall a solid color that blends with the decor of the room. Choose a stencil that complements the style of the room, and paint through the cut out areas of the stencil. When you remove it, a sharp, crisp pattern will remain on the wall! This is great for creating a border along the top of the wall, placing a pattern around a door or fireplace, or creating an entire wall of animals or Disney characters in a small child’s room.
Faux painting
Faux painting is a favored option for many people. When you want to create walls that have the appearance of granite, marble, wood and other surfaces, faux painting helps you accomplish this. From super easy to quite complex, there are a huge variety of techniques that can be used in faux painting.
Sponging, ragging and rag rolling are three easy things you can do yourself to give the walls incredible texture. Dragging, combing, stippling and marbleizing are a bit more difficult, but can be accomplished with clear instruction.
Rubber stamping
Rubber stamping is another easy technique that gives your walls a unique look. Easier than any other technique, rubber stamping gives you dramatic results in a very short time. You can display your creative talents and create walls that are truly impressive, both to family and friends.
Stenciling and rubber stamping are two techniques that can also be used on furniture as well! If you have white or pastel colored accent tables, trunks and other accessories, you can add color and interest by using these techniques. This is great for those who love a country or cottage chic look.
Various painting techniques can bring your walls to life without going through the headaches of wallpapering or the cost of hiring someone to do it for you. Depending on your style and color preferences, you can literally create any look you want!
If you like calm neutrals, consider using creams, taupe’s and slate blue to create your walls. For those who like more color and warmth, golden yellow, rust and orange combine to create striking walls. If cool, relaxing colors are your style, consider soft shades of blue and green.
Get your creative juices flowing, and create walls in your home that look incredibly beautiful and full of texture! You may have never realized just how versatile paint can be, but now you know. Have fun making your home a true original.

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