Painting Your Wicker Furniture Properly

Wicker furniture are considered antique, which is why if you are one of the owners of these fine furniture, you are probably wondering if you should paint them or not. Painting this kind of furniture depends on the age and how long you have possessed it. These are the need-to-know tips on how to paint your furniture.
1) You should provide yourself some proper protective gears. Masks and safety glasses are the essential protective gears to have if you want to have a good time in painting your furniture. Do not forget to purchase a mask with good ventilating mechanism to make sure that you are breathing properly while painting.
2) Buy the best quality material in the market. It is always better to buy the best quality, because in essence, you will get what you paid for. You will have to check the compatibility of your new paint with the old one applied already in your furniture.
3) When you have all the necessary equipments, start by painting your furniture upside down. For example: if you have a wicker chair, rotate it upside down, and paint all the areas that you can see. Then afterwards, rotate it back and start painting that side. This will make sure that you paint all the necessary areas and guarantees your end result.
4) Do not rush in applying coats or layers. You should wait until the first layer dries, then apply the next one. This is important: do not let anyone sit on it or use it for at least one week until it has cured.
5) If possible, it is better to use compressed spray. It has always been the best way to paint, but not necessarily important. You would not want to spend extra money on this if you only have one chair, for example. When this is the case, use ordinary bristle brush or spray can. Note that spray cans are the last resort, because the result will not be the best result that you would like to have.
Hopefully, you will be able to paint your furniture properly, and make sure not to let any paint globs to accumulate by painting thick coats of paint. Use thin coats to get the best result.

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