Twenty-First Century Artwork for Home Or Office

If you wish to decorate your home or office, consider many different medium and fine art pieces. Check out the current lobbies of the world. Look at the examples on the internet. Consider your budget and what statement you wish to make, whether it be in your office, building or home. Decorating is an art, just as the choice of artwork pieces can make a statement about your personality, your home, or your corporate relationship to the world. The world of art has been greatly expanded in the age of the internet. By using art, fine art paintings, or landscape oil painting, you can create an oil painting gallery in a hallway, room or lobby reception area.
To create an art space in an atria, oil painting pictures on large lobby walls will create a modern art feel in office buildings. Usually acrylic paint, or using prints limited editions, is going to create a 1970s feel. You want to create an atmosphere of refinement and wealth. Using cheap canvas prints or cheap canvas paints will detract from the degree of opulence in the home wall art or wall decor space.
To create an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication the fine art painting or decor item should have a degree of quality. In today’s world, timeliness, worldliness, and a certain degree of sophistication is required. There are several alternatives to the large landscape oil painting or prints available. The latest technology has combined digital media with professional art production.
An alternative to decorating with actual expensive fine art pieces or renowned artwork pieces is to use giclee, which is, “fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.” These art renditions can be displayed as framed wall art. Giclee represents the twenty-first century evolution of fine art, combined with the artist’s eye through the camera right on through to the canvas. Consider this for decorating either in the home or in the office. Giclee is the latest development in modern art prints.
Giclee subjects include portraiture, skyscrapers, landscapes and other visual vistas. Whether for your home or office, twenty-first century art has entered the digital age. Do not dismiss piece of artwork based on digital photography as not of quality. As in any new art form, there will be those of talent, and those of imitation.
Will it survive as the latest art form or will it be a passing phase such as art decor, only history can decide. However, it is a definite fit between the internet age, the digital age, and the technology age. It is a confluence of mind, art, and technology. Whether it is a fleeting fad or a lasting art form will be decided by the Facebook and MySpace generation. Will there be a twenty-first century art form based on digital technology? Probably yes – just as Picasso was considered outre, giclee may someday be accepted as the next greatest art form for both the home and the office.

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