Why Should I Prime Before Painting Cupboards?

Before you choose your cupboard paint or paint colors take a good look at the cabinets your thinking about painting. Make sure they are in good solid shape. Make sure the boxes and doors are not falling apart. Determine what the cupboards are made from, and if there is any contamination on them. These questions will need to be answered before you decide if your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are worth painting. Once you have determined they are paint worthy, you can start thinking about the prep, paint color and which primer you’ll need.
How do you think professional painters get professional looking results every time they paint? They spend the extra time preparing the surface correctly, then they use the appropriate primer for the job. Going to a specialty paint store like most professional painters do, will be a huge benefit to you as well. Typically they are going to have more choices and better knowledge than any other store that sells paint.
Paint is designed to give a quality smooth finish and rich colors. Paint is not meant to seal the surface, or adhere to shinny substrates. Most paint needs a sealed, clean surface for the best results. Primers are designed to seal and adhere to most substrates to provide a perfect surface to paint.
Painting over a porous surface like raw wood or plywood soak up a lot of paint and can cause uneven color and sheen. Using a primer that will seal these surfaces will help you use less paint, and get a better more professional looking job.
Trying to paint over a smooth, hard or glossy surface like melamine will result in the paint losing adhesion and peeling off the surface. Choosing an adhesion promoting primer, along with a little sanding will ensure your paint will stick and perform much longer.
Painting directly over a stain, will result in that stain bleeding back through your fresh paint. Whether the stain is water soluble or an oily stain, will determine which primer you will choose. Water based primers usually are not the best choice to hold back stains from bleeding. A good quality oil based primer will usually take care of this problem with one coat.
Whether your painting cupboards, new trim, doors or over the water stains in your bathroom, there is an appropriate primer that will help ensure a quality professional job every time! Taking the time to be sure your doing the project right the first time, will save you more time and money in the long run.

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